ADA Compliant DropIn Epoxy Sinks

ADA Epoxy SinksSpecialty American Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant Durcon DropIn epoxy sinks are sink basins designed for specific lab requirements or for specialized shapes of applications to laboratory tops. Durcon offers a wide variety of molded epoxy sinks meeting the requirement for ADA handicap applications.

Durcon offers a unique range of ADA compliant epoxy resin sinks. ADA sinks are typically considered integral to the countertop and are set in a bed of Smooth-On epoxy resin adhesive and the residue wiped and tapered to the bowl for complete clearance of spilled liquids.

Epoxy resin sinks as specified for Durcon Laboratory Tops, are integrally molded from modified thermosetting epoxy resins and oven cured. The bottom of the epoxy sinks are coved or sloped to the outlet drain opening, located in the corner, center or end drain.

Epoxy sinks and counter tops are found in sections 12 3600 for counter tops and sinks. Epoxy sinks are typically requested by plumbers, plumbing wholesalers or cabinet makers supplying a complete package of countertops and sink assemblies.

Drop-in sinks are to be top mounted. This method of installation seals the sink cutout at the counter top surface and eliminates the work surface overhang between the inner walls of the undermount sink basin and the sink cutout, which can gather residual chemicals and bacteria.

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Epoxy Sink Model # Drain Outlet Weight Length Width Depth ADA
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A05 Corner 18 lbs. 14" 10" 5" Get A Quote / View Details
A07 Corner 24 lbs. 14" 14" 5" Get A Quote / View Details
A25 Corner 35 lbs. 18" 15" 5" Get A Quote / View Details
A26 - Dual Depth Corner 39 lbs. 18" 15" 5.00 / 11.00" Get A Quote / View Details
A55 Corner 51 lbs. 25" 15" 4.75" Get A Quote / View Details
A56 - Dual Depth Corner 72 lbs. 25" 15" 5.00 / 11.00" Get A Quote / View Details
3.6 INSTALLATION OF Lipped Drop-in Epoxy SINKS:

B. Drop-in Installation of Industry Standard or ADA Epoxy Sinks: Rout groove in Epoxy or Lab Grade Solid Phenolic Resin countertop to receive sink rim if not prepared in shop. Set top edge of sink unit in a 7/16" (.044") depth rabetted recessed cutout in the countertop with manufacturers' recommended chemical-resistant sealing compound or adhesive (Smooth-on epoxy). Set sink in the adhesive and fill the remainder of groove with sealant or adhesive. Use procedures and products recommended by sink and countertop manufacturers. Remove excess adhesive and sealant while still wet and finish the joint for neat appearance.