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DropIn Epoxy Resin Sinks

DropIn sinks are top mounted. This simplified method of installation seals the sink cutout and eliminates the worksurface overhang between the inner walls of undermount sink basins and the sink cutout which can gather residual chemicals and bacteria.

All Durcon DropIn Sink surfaces are clearly visible and radiused for ease of cleaning. Black Onyx epoxy resin is the industry standard color - (Other colors available, at additional cost).

NOTE: All epoxy resin sinks require a (1 1/2") sink strainer assembly set (drain waste, beehive overflow and stopper), included with purchase of all epoxy sinks.

Epoxy resin sinks as specified for Durcon Laboratory Tops, are integrally molded from modified thermosetting epoxy resins and oven cured. The bottom of the epoxy sinks are coved or sloped to the outlet drain opening, located in the corner, center or end drain.

Epoxy sinks and counter tops are found in sections 12 3600 for counter tops and sinks. Epoxy sinks are typically requested by plumbers, plumbing houses, plumbing wholesalers or cabinet makers supplying a complete package of countertops and sink assemblies.

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  • D-10


    Regular Price: $184.00

    Special Price: $170.00

    Outlet Location: End
    Length: 16"
    Width: 8"
    Depth: 6.8"
    Weight: 20 lbs

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