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From epoxy sinks custom fabricated epoxy or phenolic countertops, Total Lab Solutions has everything you need to outfit your lab, school, university, or research facility. Contact us for a quote on custom countertop fabrication.

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Drop-In Epoxy Sinks

Durcon drop-in (lipped) epoxy sinks are the most popular and highest in the lab market. Countertops require a rabetted / recessed cutout for flush mount installation.

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Undermount Epoxy Sinks

Durcon undermount epoxy sinks are the second most commonly used and installed epoxy sink in the lab industry and requires a sink support for application.

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ADA Approved Epoxy Sinks

Durcon ADA sinks are available in multiple styles, colors, and depths to comply with ADA handicap requirements.

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Pegboards & Drying Racks

Industry standard pegboards available in lab grade phenolic or epoxy resin with color matching poly pegs. Custom sizes available upon request.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) Which sinks are more highly specified in laboratory applications by architects and consultants: Epoxy sinks, Stainless steel, Polyethylene or ceramic

A) Epoxy sinks by Durcon are the most specified type sinks for lab applications. The Durcon epoxy sinks are heat and fire resistant, stain resistant and are compatible with epoxy resin lab tops, solid Phenolic composite panels and may be used with Plam / plastic laminate counter top material under certain conditions.

Q2) Are Epoxy sinks competitive to the other types of laboratory sinks available:

A) Epoxy sinks are the least expensive brand of lab sink when compared for features and benefits, resistance factors and price. Stainless steel, ceramic and Poly sinks are more expensive on average than epoxy laboratory sinks.

Q3) What type applications are available with Durcon Epoxy Sinks:

A) Under mount; drop-in and in some limited cases, surface mount are the three methods of applying epoxy resin sinks to laboratory tops. Under mounting and drop-in applications for Durcon epoxy sinks are the most popular methods used in industry and highly specified by architects and consultants in Section 12345 of laboratory casework.
Surface mounting of the epoxy 1/4" rim thickness is accomplished with the use of stainless steel rims, into which the epoxy sink rim is inserted and sealed at the surface of the counter top.

Q4) Are Epoxy sinks corrosion and stain resistant:

A) Durcon epoxy laboratory sinks are chemical resistant, heat resistant and corrosion stain resistant when proper care and maintenance procedures are put in place. Chemical spills should be wiped up immediately and washed with clear clean water to prevent staining, which are a function of time, temperature, humidity and the concentration of the chemical in contact with the counter top materials.

Q5) Which type epoxy sink is more widely specified, under mount or drop-in?

A) The architectural specifications for Durcon epoxy sinks are about 50% Under mount and 50% drop-in although drop-in application is becoming more popular due to ease of installation and does not require a sink support.

Q6) What thickness of Epoxy resin lab top is needed to support the weight of under mount epoxy sinks?

A) The minimum recommended thickness for under counter mounting of epoxy sinks is 3/4" (19 MM) however 1" (25 MM) is highly suggested and is considered the industry standard thickness in laboratory applications of epoxy resin or solid phenolic counter top materials.

Q7) Do epoxy sinks have a molded in drain waste or is the drain waste a separate product?

A) Polyethylene sink wastes are supplied separately for field attachment in the factory
pre-drilled drain outlet hole. A poly overflow and stopper set are also suggested.

Q8) How do you attach drop-in type epoxy sinks into a routed cutout on the epoxy countertop?

A) Apply a liberal amount of two-part Smooth-on epoxy adhesive to the vertical wall and horizontal ledge of the cutout and place the epoxy sink into the rabetted cutout. Wipe away excess adhesive with a rag dipped in acetone or mineral spirits and taper the adhesive towards to sink bowl. The rim of the epoxy sink should be set approx 1/8" (3 mm) below the surface of the epoxy or solid phenolic counter top to allow for free entry of spilled liquids on the laboratory counter.

Q9) Can epoxy sinks be repaired if cracked or damaged by dry ice?

A) Epoxy sinks are non-repairable and should be replaced immediately if damaged by dry ice or liquid nitrogen. Dry ice and liquid nitrogen should not be placed in contact with epoxy resin countertops or epoxy sinks.

Q10) Are the cutouts for under mounting Durcon epoxy sinks cut the same size as the inside dimension of the sink bowl?

A) Typically, the sink cutout is 1/8" to 1/4" less than the ID of the bowl, on all four sides of the sink bowl in order to provide an overhang of the counter top materials into the bowl.

Q11) What is the recommended sealant for creating a chemical, liquid seal for a drop-in or under mount epoxy sink, silicone or epoxy adhesive?

A) An equal proportionate mixture of two-part Smooth-on epoxy adhesive is the recommended product as specified by architects and epoxy sink manufacturers. Silicone may be used if epoxy adhesive is not available. The mixture of the epoxy adhesive
is a 1 to 1 ratio of resin and hardener.

Q12) Does under mounting of epoxy sinks require a sink support?

A) Due to the weight of epoxy sinks, as opposed to polyethylene and stainless steel sinks, sink supports are specified and required. Durcon epoxy sinks should not be installed under mount of laboratory tops, without the proper sink support.


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