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Installation Procedure:

A) After determining the left to right inside dimension of the sink cabinet, measure the outside depth of the epoxy resin sink. Install the two supplied side plates to the inside of the cabinet walls at an appropriate height near the top of the cabinet.

B) Attach the "J" hook hanger rods into the pre-drilled holes in the face plates and attach the two pre-sized steel support channels to the "J" Hooks. Ratchet up the nut and washer assembly to a distance of 1/2" from the bottom of the sink depth.

C) With a putty knife, apply the two part Smooth-On epoxy adhesive to the entire top edge of the 1/2" sink rim and radius corners. Verify that a complete coating of the rim has been made.

D) Place the epoxy resin sink onto the two steel support bars leaving a clearance of 1/2" from the bottom of the counter top.

E) Lifting the sink to the underside of the countertop, ratchet up the washer and nut assembly equally at the bottom of each of 4 "J" hooks, until the rim of the sink is flush with the bottom side of the lab counter. Assure that equal prtessure is placed on each nut washer assembly so that the sink is level and securly fastened to the underside of the counter. Center the sink from the top side of the hole cutout.

F) Remove any wet excess adhesive from within the inside of the sink bowl with a rag dipped in mineral spirits or acetone. Apply additional adhesive where necessary to provide a complete liquid seal under the countertop edge.

G) Allow adhesive to set up within 3-4 hours and cure within 24 hours.

H) Install sink waste outlet and remaining plumbers drain piping.

NOTE: Inquire for sink supports providing interior dimensions of sink cabinet.