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Epoxy Pegboards (Also available in SPC-Solid Phenolic Compact)
Drip Trays - PP Peg Prongs

Epoxy resin Pegboards can be installed on walls, uprights and columns to provide a vertical drainage/drying space for lab glassware such as test tubes, beakers or bottles. Durcon Epoxy Resin pegboards / drying racks support glassware with specially designed “no twist” 2-prong polypropylene pegs set at a 30° angle for maximum support.

Epoxy resin Pegboards are supplied with two pronged oval polypropylene black or white pegs, set at a 30° horizontal angle for effective support and drainage of lab glassware.

As a complementary material, 2" [51mm] wide stainless steel drip trays are available for all pegboard sizes. PVC tubing is included. 

Durcon pegboards are molded monolithic 1" thick cast epoxy resin products. Available in several different colors although black is industry standard. The unique molding and curing process ensures a complete chemical reaction within the formed material resulting in a uniform chemical resistant surface of the highest quality.

Epoxy pegboards drying racks are typically found in sections 11 5300 - Laboratory Equipment.   Epoxy resin Pegboards are also found under Section 12 3600 Countertops.

Epoxy resin is the pegboard choice for harsh laboratory, classroom and research environments because of the material's outstanding chemical resistance, durability, non-flammibility, and non-absorbancy. Care and maintenace should be undertaken to assure long life and service of the epoxy pegboards.

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  • 2424


    Regular Price: $317.00

    Special Price: $293.00

    Pegs 28
    Width: 24"
    Height 24"
    Weight: 80lbs.

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