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Installation Procedure:

A) Prepare the factory rabbetted sink cutout by cleaning the vertical and horizontal ledge with mineral spirits or acetone. Remove all dust or oil existing on the edges.

B) Mix an appropriate amount of two part Smooth-on PC-3 Black epoxy adhesive on a 1 to 1 ratio basis.

C) Apply the mixed adhesive onto the entire perimeter of the cutout with a putty knife, taking care to apply evenly on both edges.

D) Lower the epoxy resin sink into the hole cutout and center within the opening, applying equal pressure to set and level the sink. Set the sink approx. 1/8" lower than the surface of the lab top.

E) While wet, wipe away any excess adhesive that seeps out to the surface with a rag dipped in mineral spirits or acetone. Bevel the adhesive in the overcut toward the sink thus creating a bevel edge from countertop surface to the sink rim.

F) Allow adhesive to set up within 3-4 hours and cure within 24 hours.

G) Install sink waste outlet and remaining plumbers drain piping.

H) Durcon Lipped DropIn epoxy sinks are self-supporting and do not require under counter mechanical sink supports.