36" x 24" Phenolic or Epoxy Pegboard

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36"x24" Phenolic or Epoxy Pegboard Details

Phenolic laboratory pegboards are widely used in laboratory environments in schools, hosipals, water treatment plants, etc for the organization and storage of lab equipment. They are made from phenolic resin, a type of plastic material that is known for its durability, chemical resistance, and ease of cleaning.

The pegboards are mounted on a wall and have a series of pegs or 2-pronmg holes that can be used to hold various types of laboratory equipment, such as test tubes, pipettes, flasks, beakers, bottles and other small items. The pegs of 5", 6.5", 8" or combination thereof, are typically spaced out in a grid pattern, allowing for easy and efficient organization of the equipment. a stainless steel drip tray with hose are included with each pegboard.

One of the main benefits of phenolic laboratory pegboards is their durability. Phenolic resin is known for its resistance to chemical damage, which makes the pegboards an ideal choice for laboratory settings where chemical exposure is a concern. Additionally, phenolic resin is highly resistant to wear and tear, so the phenolic pegboards can be used for many years without becoming damaged or degraded.

Another advantage of phenolic laboratory pegboards or drying racks is that they are easy to clean. The smooth, non-porous surface of the phenolic resin material does not trap dirt or bacteria, making it simple to sanitize the boards between uses. This is particularly important in laboratory settings, where the risk of contamination is a concern. The product is considered Anti-bacterial.

Phenolic laboratory pegboards are a popular and effective tool for organizing and storing laboratory equipment. With their durability, chemical resistance, and ease of cleaning, they offer many benefits to laboratory personnel and help to ensure a safe and efficient working environment. Lighter weight, less expensive, easier to install, shorter production lead times and reduced freight costs are advantages that should be well considered on purchasing pegboards / glass drying racks.

Pegboard Installation Details

Place the pegboard flat on a table or bench with the round peg holes aligning upwards. Place the drip trough flange down against the bottom of the pegboard and carefully mark the pre-punched installation holes onto the bottom of your Phenolic or Epoxy pegboard with a marker or pencil. Using a 3/16" diameter carbide drill bit, drill the install holes approximately 3/4 of an inch deep. Then use a plastic barrel type screw insert and pound into each hole, cutting off any extra that sticks out of the hole. The trough now should attach to the pegboard with an #8 pan head stainless steel screw. Each trough comes with pre-drilled install holes for ease.

Now comes the time to install the Epoxy or Phenolic pegboard to the wall. We recommend four installation holes. Approximately one inch down and one inch in from each corner drill a 3/8" diameter thru hole, again using a carbide drill bit. Using a stainless-steel lag bolt approximately 2" - 2.50" long bolt the pegboard to the wall. Make sure each bolt goes into a stud, a masonry wall or add some sort of wall backing to support the weight of the pegboard. Epoxy pegboards weigh twelve pound a square foot and phenolic weighs 10 pounds a square foot with PP pegs installed,, but without glassware loaded onto them so take extra measures to ensure you have a proper substrate to attach the unit to.

Now it is time to place the pegs onto the pegboard and attach the drain tubing to the drain outlet of the drip trough. Please remember to occasionally clean your pegboard and drip trough with warm water and a mild detergent. The pegs are polypropylene and can be removed and placed in an autoclave for added cleaning when desired.

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30304630"30"65 lbsHDT-30 - 2" or 4" Get A Quote / View Details
24303924"30"50 lbsHDT-24 - 2" or 4" Get A Quote / View Details
32305332"30"67 lbsHDT-32 - 2" or 4" Get A Quote / View Details
36245136"24"60 lbsHDT-36 - 2" or 4" Get A Quote / View Details
36306036"30"75 lbsHDT-36 - 2" or 4" Get A Quote / View Details
36366836"36"90 lbsHDT-36 - 2" or 4" Get A Quote / View Details
Custom Sizes Available - - "- "- lbsHDT-custom - 2" or 4" Get A Quote / View Details

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