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Cup Sinks

Cupsinks are supplied in polypropylene unless epoxy resin is specified. These small sink units are designed for quick disposal of liquid waste in fume hoods or on the bench top. Most cupsinks are designed to accommodate a removable plastic disc strainer in the integral outlet or may be pre-molded in the drain.

Black resin is the industry standard color - (Other colors available upon request at an up-charge). NOTE: All polypropylene or epoxy resin cupsinks include a molded-in drain waste.

Polypropylene cupsinks shall be equal to Durcon Laboratory Tops oval models TS04; TS12 or rectangle model TS18 in nominal size 3" x 6"; 3" x 9" or 4" x 13.6". Tailpiece shall be integral with cupsink and threaded for connection to the waste line, bottle trap etc. The throat of the tailpiece shall have a cross bar disc strainer. Cup sinks shall be properly flanged at the top edge of the bowl and may be installed drop-in or above counter application. Color to match adjacent counter top work surface.

Set Descending Direction
  • CS4-R



    Shape Oval
    Length: 6.3"
    Width: 3.1"
    Depth: 4.0"
    Height 8.1"

  • TS-04



    Shape Oval
    Length: 5.7"
    Width: 2.7"
    Depth: 3.7"
    Height 8.3"

  • TS-05



    Shape Oval
    Length: 5.7"
    Width: 2.8"
    Depth: 3.7"
    Height 9.1"

  • TS-07



    Shape Round
    Length: 6"
    Width: 6"
    Depth: 6"
    Height 11.4"

  • TS-09



    Shape Round
    Length: 8"
    Width: 8"
    Depth: 6"
    Height 9.5"

  • TS-12



    Shape Oval
    Length: 8.8"
    Width: 2.7"
    Depth: 5.8"
    Height 10"

  • TS-15



    Shape Oval
    Length: 10.8"
    Width: 3"
    Depth: 5.3"
    Height 9.6"

  • TS-18



    Shape Rectangle
    Length: 13.6"
    Width: 4.4"
    Depth: 5.4"
    Height 9.9"

  • WS-14



    Shape Wallmount
    Length: 11"
    Width: 3"
    Depth: 4"
    Height 5"

Set Descending Direction